Why is my hard drive clicking?

Why is my Hard Drive Clicking? Backup Your Job

Why is my hard drive clicking?

Usually, the most common reason for a hard drive to start clicking is because of a defective movement. Caused by wear and tear, a power surge, physical damage or a manufacturing defect. When the hard drive is damaged, the hard drive cannot function properly, creating a noise that sounds like clicking.

Deadline Day

You are working overtime. Your hard drive has burnt out. You lose everything, including your client. Now you know why it is important to backup your files! There are plenty of options available for people looking to backup up their data. In this article we have listed a few options. It’s best to have more than one backup to be safe.

1. The USB stick

USB stick

This SanDisk Ultra 32 GB USB Flash Drive is small, cheap and convenient. Portability means that USB sticks like this one is easy to store, but also easy to lose.

2. Not every External hard drive clicks

san disk harddrive

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is an excellent everyday hard drive. Perfect for working remotely. Nothing in this SSD spins or clicks. This one should last a little longer.

Apple’s Time Machine

Why is my hard drive clicking?

For the Mac users out there, Apple’s Time Machine is an option that backs up to your mac or external hard drive automatically. This option allows you to keep hourly, daily or weekly backups. The oldest backups start to get deleted when the disk becomes full.

4. WD My Cloud

With more homes having multiple computers, the idea of a home server has an attractive appeal, especially for those looking to save files from more than one source. The WD My Cloud doesn’t need to traveling with you everywhere, you leave it at home. You wont need to be worrying about physical damage as much as you would with a portable hard drive. With prices coming down, this dedicated wireless storage solution is a convenient option which requires less thought. With this model you can it access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

5. Cloud Storage that doesn’t click

While your own home server is essentially your own Cloud Server, there are plenty of third party cloud storage options around. Dropbox and Google Drive are our favourites.

When you choose to backup your files (hopefully twice) make sure that you do it. We backup files weekly, using google, dropbox and the very reliable SanDisk SSD.

Often people don’t think about backing up files, until it’s too late. Don’t make that mistake, it could be very costly! For more gadgets, view our Packing List for Remote Working 👜

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