Make Money Online With A Coffee Micro Niche! 

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From the trusty French Press to the glamour of an Aeropress, the world’s favourite beverage has remained important for many of us through the years. As the world opens up post-pandemic with folks working from home in need of a caffeine fix. Café culture is spilling onto city streets worldwide, there is big money to be made in coffee, and not just the coffee you drink!

The good news is, you don’t have to open up your very own coffee shop to get in on the action. There is a highly profitable space in the blogging and influencer sphere if you know how to micro niche.  

What is a Micro niche? 

A micro niche is a specific subsection of a broader topic that can be utilised to develop a strong, lucrative brand outside the saturation of the wider market. Nurturing a specialism within a niche is a great way to set you apart from the competition. Create a brand that can become consistent, respected, and financially successful from a low startup cost.

For example, it’s quite an undertaking to launch an online coffee shop and make it successful – the likes of Pact Coffee and Union Roasted are already winning at that game. But what about a review blog of independent coffee shops in your country? Or developing an eco-friendly coffee subscription company exclusively featuring female producers? Web Hosting $3.95

Would a Coffee Micro niche be successful?

Coffee maybe a good niche to get into, however coffee on its own still maybe too broad to make a financial gain straight away, but if you were to focus on a drink in the coffee industry such as ‘latte’ and then post over 1000 pieces of helpful content on lattes each over 100o words, your website would likely take off faster.

This is because the topic ‘Latte’ is a more specialist niche than ‘coffee’. Focusing in on specific niche elements within an industry means you’ll have less competition, a higher chance of a focused and loyal audience, and a greater chance at building a successful and financially rewarding venture online.

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How do you Make Money Online with a Micro niche?

Determine Your Audience  

First things first, find your audience. Make the most of social media and existing brands in the coffee industry. Explore what the community of your particular micro niche looks like, how they interact, what their pain points are with existing offerings and crucially, where they’re putting their money.

Your connection needs to be genuine and knowledgeable to establish real value – by now, all prospective audiences are pretty business savvy, and they can tell the difference between a brand that’s truly invested in what they’re offering, and one that’s just in it ‘til the next trend or paycheque comes along.

Engaging your community for the love of the industry is essential. Be prepared to engage honestly and consistently with your target audience, and they will act in kindness.  

Become A Trusted Voice 

What makes your niche website different?

You need to become a recognised authority on your micro niche. This isn’t won purely on blog posts and Instagram likes. Providing in depth, researched and passionate content imbued with your personality will set you apart.

Write with passion

Why do you care about single origin coffee? Does the taste of one particular cup take you back to a cherished memory? What makes you keep visiting that one particular local shop? Does your preferred choice of brewing equipment make your coffee or latte taste that little bit better, and help you cherish your day?  

Write with authority, whether in blog posts, captions, or newsletter content. If you’re recommending one piece of equipment over another, know what you’re talking about.

Be sure you’ve used the item your preaching and prove this with your own photographs. To champion a local shop or particular producer, speak to them directly so you can offer an authentic viewpoint and original research.

If you write well, the backlinks will grow and your website will slowly jump a few rankings.

Affiliate Links 

As you develop your brand voice and develop a following, you can start to think about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commissions from purchases made by customers using specific links embedded in your content.

As you might imagine, the products you can include as affiliate links in the coffee micro niche are vast! From travel cups to espresso machines, everything can add up to a tidy profit. Plenty of leading coffee companies now often affiliate programs with competition commission rates – including Clumsy Goat and Pact Coffee

If you’re already engaging within the industry in your micro niche, you’re likely already nurturing important business connections. Once these brands see you as having some substantial presence in the industry, they will be more inclined to offer commission based links.

These are of dual benefit – they can generate passive income for you, whilst also evoking further audience loyalty in your brand. Great content invites your following base to further explore their passion. Web Hosting $3.95

Offer Your Own Resources  

Original Content

Offering original content, free of charge for others to read, is the best direction to go in. You can cover your expenses by utilising affiliate marketing to double up your passive income stream.  

An ebook guide to your favourite national coffee shops or online workshop for beginners brewing coffee at home could be a great first step that allows embedding of links or upselling.

Offering a take away for your audience invites them to engage with your content outside of your platform. Doing this imprints your brand into more active environment.  

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Watch Your Brand Grow

Following these few simple guidelines will give you a solid foundation from which to develop your brand. The best thing about these top secrets, to coffee micro niche successes is that they can be recycled, repurposed, and translated into different industries.

Once you have created one micro niche that is successful, you can roll out others in different industries. Although we’d recommend a Latte or espresso to keep you going. Maybe work remotely from a coffee shop! $3.95 Hosting