collecting Pokemon cards stacked for profit

Collecting Pokemon cards for profit – Do you have a Charizard?

This year is the 25th Pokemon anniversary, and it’s never been better time to sell Pokemon cards for profit.

I recently spotted a Charizard selling on Ebay for over $300,000.

I have fond memories trading Pokemon cards at school. In-fact many 30 year olds do. The Pokemon cards you may have collected, could be worth a small fortune. Collecting Pokemon cards for profit may not be a bad idea. Especially if the cards are 1st generation!

You may find some treasures berried deep under your childhood bed, in the loft or even the wardrobe. It’s a great time to visit your parents house!

If you were a smart child you may have one of the rare ‘shiny’ cards stored away in a plastic sleeve or in one of those Pokemon folders we all admired.

For many kids, Pokemon cards were a love at first sight. When I think of the year 1999, I automatically think of them. I have many happy memories around trading them in the playground and forming life-long friendships.

Thinking back now, trading was not only fun but it also taught me basic business skills.

Are Pokemon Cards Worth Selling?

When you have a strong sense of nostalgia over something, such as Pokemon cards, it can be hard to sell… But then when you realise how much some of them go for, you may change your mind.

The most valuable Pokemon cards are in the base set. The original 102 base set cards printed in 1999, which include the classic Pokemon’s such as Pikachu, Alakazam, Charizard and Squirtle.

Complete base sets can be sold for 6 digits and a few cards on their own can be worth thousands. Here are two visual indicators that the most valuable and sought over cards have;

  1. Holographic cards: The Pokemon is shiny and reflective. There are only 16 of these out of 102.
  2. First-edition cards: In the left corner of the illustrations there is an “edition 1” logo.

Another important factor in a card’s value is the condition, and how well the card has been taken care of.

If you have a card that you think maybe sitting gold, it’s a great idea to get it graded by a trusted source such as a Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) or one of the other top card Authenticators such as Beckett. The top graders send your card back in a protective case with the grade and barcode clearly visible at the top.

In addition to grading the condition of the card, PSA ensures the card is the real deal, by using high-powered lights and magnifying equipment.

Where do I sell Pokemon Cards?

After you’ve done research, and are confident you have the real McCoy – Send it in for authentication and look into placing it onto Ebay.

PSA’s grading system and authentication make selling online trustable to the buyer, because no one wants to receive a fake card and go through the Ebay dispute process.

You may feel your cards have sentimental value, so don’t rush selling. Spend some time with your cards and enjoy them again first. Collectors place Pokemon cards into display cabinets.

For me the best thing about owning Pokemon cards is the carefree childhood nostalgia it brings. There are so many reasons to get into this business. If Pokemon isn’t your thing, maybe football stickers or baseball cards are.

Opportunities in trading are everywhere. Cards take up very little space making them a great investment for the future. Have Fun. 

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