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Creative ways to make money on the side

Why wouldn’t a person want to have extra money in his or her bank account? And be more financially secure. Thankfully, there are hundreds of Creative ways to make money on the side to supplement what you already have. Whether it’s starting your own business or working part-time. Here are some reasons on why you should be finding a side job.

The times are changing

Times are changing

Working multiple jobs online has completely changed the game. What may have seemed like a dream several years ago is now a reality for millions of people. No longer do we have to leave the home and spend time commuting, to work that extra job.

There has been a crazy amount of new freelancers. Especially this year. Shares in Upwork for instance have boomed 700%!

Upwork shares

Lowest: $6.10 USD Highest: $57.04 USD

Due to Covid, people’s hands have been forced to work differently, and the realisation is that freelancing works! Let’s hope this trend continues. No one wants to be left behind. Jump on board while there’s still chances to make some extra cash.

Save, Save, Save.

save money fund

What the last two years have shown, is that nothing is secure. Keep a backup of money and a backup job. 

If you work online for just one hour per day through a site like Dada ABC. You could earn between $14-$22/hour. That could turn into an extra $280 to $440 a month that you could put into savings.

Finding an online job does not have to be stressful. Here are 8 Easy Jobs that Pay Well – Working from Home Stress Free.

You need a new boiler

I have money saved in my emergency fund. Making money from finding a side job can prevent you from withdrawing any more from your savings or worse.. credit card. It also ensures that you have the cash on hand to fix any other surprise maintenance fees.

electric bill

Making Money on the side from home? But I love working in an office from 9-6…

How secure is it? Thousand of people have been furloughed and thousands of people have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. Maybe Covid is a wake-up call for something worse to happen. Finding an extra stream of income is a responsible thing to do.

Having multiple sources of income can help you become more self-reliant. It can also help you break free of the financial chains holding you down. With that independence, you’ll be healthier, have peace of mind, and take more risks.

Best of all? It allows you to live the life that you want to live.

Do what you love, finding a side job doesn’t need to be hard

Maybe you want to start painting again, guess what? You can sell your artwork online!

Create your own career form your own hobbies like cooking, playing piano, or reading. Start working on it part-time until your startup become a full time business.

Keep Looking

There are so many opportunities for people who want to work online. Many industries are transitioning into online work as i’m writing this.  Side work will keep popping up and it’s important to grab this opportunity by the horns and keep an eye open on what is happening in this online space.

Things may start slow, but it’s important you keep on going. Love what you do. Eventually you may even discover something that will produce you lots of passive income, Good luck in finding creative ways to make money on the side.

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