5 Top Secrets – How To Get Work Done With A Toddler By Your Side

Having the opportunity to work from home is an amazing privilege, which should be respected. No other generation has had this opportunity. Here we will discuss how to get work done with a toddler.

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are many jobs that can be worked from your phone or computer. Many online jobs help keep food on the families table. There are many different jobs for stay at home dads and mums. Some parents teach online others trade online.

If you could go back in-time and describe to your great grandparents what you do, and how you do it. Understanding would be unimaginable. The big questions would arise when you start discussing parenting, which brings me to…

1. Take advantage of sleepy time

It would be great to work simultaneously while your kids are around, but in reality this isn’t always possible. Sometimes you have to take advantage of a situation and work as soon as your kid places head on pillow. We use this time to finish projects that require complete focus and concentration, It’s amazing what can get done in a set time frame. From experience you can predict how long your child will sleep for, however no day is the same and when working with children around, it can be very non-linear. Every child is unique and that is what makes every child special. Sleep should never be forced onto the child just so you can get work done.

work done with a toddler when sleeping

2. Move into a different room

It is great to support your partner if you both work from home. The best thing to do is to communicate with each other daily, weekly and prioritise. When you know basics of each others schedule, you roughly know what to expect for the day ahead. If one of you focus on work, the other can play with the Toddler. Moving to a different room helps separate work time with play time.

Managing work flow and time prevents arguments from happening. Responsibility relies on yourself and your partner and you both need to take accountability for what happens in the day.

3. Nothing is wrong with Seeking Extra Help

You may think working at home means you can skip child care and save a few quid, but you’ll have days when you need help because both of you are snowed under in jobs.

Usually the best people to look after your children are family. If relatives aren’t available, the next best choice is asking a good friend for a favour. Finding a childminder, nursery, or daycare are also great options. Just plan and research what to do ahead of time, so when the time comes you can ring a few numbers and arrange something. Your toddler may even find this rare transition exciting.

get work done with a toddler send to grandma - working remotely

4. Keep the Toddler Busy

It’s better if you and your partner take turns in playing with the toddler. Set aside a few different toys each day that your kids can play with. Books are a fantastic way for you and your son/daughter to interact over. Setting up your day so your toddler looks forward to certain things, helps with the day ahead. It’s a good idea to try and keep to a schedule. We have a two year old. Below is yesterdays schedule as an example, however no two days are identical:

Time What we do
6:00am My partner starts the day and starts working from home
7:00am Me and Toddler start our day
8:00am We all have breakfast
9:00am Me and Toddler tidy up the house
10:00am Me and Toddler watch TV for 30 minutes and then play with toys/read books
12:00pm My partner stops working, we all have lunch
1:00pm Toddler sleeps for 2 hours, I start working from home
3:00pm Toddler wakes up, has a drink and snack and then independently plays with toys
4:00pm Partner finishes work: Reads books/plays with toddler
5:00pm I stop working, We all walk out to a nearby restaurant
7:00pm We get back home and have drinks/desserts/snacks
8:00pm Shower time
8:30pm Bedtime
9:00pm–1am I start working, and plan for the next few days.

5. Items that help us get work done with a toddler

All good parents who have to work remotely have one thing in common, and thats keeping an eye on their kids, especially toddlers.. because they have so much energy! The list below features a collection of items that help us every single day.

The best camera for working mums and dads

This Xiaomi home security camera is super affordable and excellent for seeing and hearing whats happening in the home when you’re not present and to keep an eye on the baby when he’s in the room next door sleeping 💤. The 360 degrees rotation is excellent and along with the infrared backed night vision and motion detection you cannot go wrong! This device can be completely controlled by your phone and recorded when necessary.


Splish, splash, splosh, splish, splash…Dance, dance, dance in muddy puddles…

Peppa Pig is a life-saver. We survive by carrying a Peppa Pig toy everywhere we go. It works wonders for our toddler. Every child is different and likes different things, Maybe your toddler prefers Thomas and Friends or Ben and Hollys’s Little Kingdom. When figured out what your toddler prefers, just sit back and get those jobs completed!

Standing desk

Standing while working, instead of sitting in a chair, stops the toddler trying to climb you. It also allows you to reach your child quickly if he or she starts to put things inside the plug sockets! Many standing desks can revert to a standard desk, is great for giving you the choice of sitting down.

Breast pump

More suitable for babies and young toddlers. But, with a quiet, portable breast pump, you can pump breast milk while at the computer or even on a phone call.

Amazon Prime/Netflix/Youtube

This point is slightly controversial, as some people keep their kids busy all day with the TV, Others rarely use it and say it damages their child’s eyes among other things. We personally only use the TV with the toddler in-case of an emergency and only really switch it on once a week for 30 minutes–1 hour to really get some important work finalised or to take a call.