We are looking for a Visual Art Teacher to teach creative art to our students overseas. This candidate will have experience with teaching art to students aging from 8-14 who are non-native English speakers. The art teacher will be responsible for providing practical art knowledge to our students. The art teacher will work online virtually teaching students through an online platform. Course curriculum will be provided.

We want our students to:

  • Enjoy lifelong engagement with the arts
  • Become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in the arts
  • Understand the dynamic and changing nature of the arts
  • Explore and value the diversity of the arts across time, place, and cultures
  • Express ideas with confidence and competence
  • Develop perceptual and analytical skills

A strong candidate should:

  • Execute lessons efficiently using different styles of teaching depending on the content and student.
  • Engage students to ensure a lively classroom atmosphere
  • Instruct students about the structure and content of art through the course curriculum provided.\
  • Emphasize the creativity and imagination of students.
  • Teach students how to use different art mediums.
  • Encourage students to use creative thinking.


  • Passionate about teaching
  • Classroom teaching experience preferred.
  • An undergraduate degree or graduate degree in related fields of Education or the Arts is preferred.
  • Communication skills and commitment to teamwork are expected.
  • Ability to accept and encourage the student in the diverse category of art-making
  • Ability to execute lessons with meaning, in a fun, and engaging manner
  • General Computer Skills
  • Reliable and consistent work ethic and performance
  • Flexible schedule


  • Experience teaching early childhood classes
  • We expect a commitment to ongoing professional growth and learning and the growth and development of others on the team. This professional learning may include up-front learning about how to support the IB Visual Arts class.

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