Online Teaching Tips – Shake off that penalty for missing a class!

How can I prevent being charged a penalty for missing a class?

When working with any online teaching company, nothing is worse than being charged a penalty for missing a class or logging into a classroom late.It’s a worry each time, especially when the penalties can cost you as much as an hourly wage along with a warning letter. The best way to deal with penalties is to prevent them all together. If the fault is due to the system, take lots of screenshots as evidence.

Do I need a second computer for that english teaching class?

This may not be possible for everyone, but if you have more than one computer; have the teaching platform installed on both. If your main computer has technical issues, you can quickly switch to the other device. Some platforms also have a backup website to use if for any reason your desktop platform isn’t working. A second headset is also a good idea.

If you have no internet… It’s out of your control. Do your best to e-mail the teaching company/schedulers to let them know the situation, give them as much advanced notice as possible, the more notice you give, the less cost you will endure.  If you do nothing, and a missed class gets entered into the system, it’s harder to remove.

How can I prevent joining online classes late?

Join early! It’s very easy to oversleep, run out of time, or run in to technical issues. These things happen. Try to set your alarm with enough time to shower, grab a latte, splash cold water on your face and get dressed. Falling asleep while trying to teach a lesson isn’t a good look, especially as the classes get recorded!

There is nothing worse than only having two minutes until the first class starts, and then finding out you have tech issues. But if this happens take screenshots and show them, they may let you off with the penally.

Do I have time for a coffee between online lessons?

With only a few minutes between each class, you may need a programable coffee machine! A selection of coffee machines for the home, so you can experience a barista style latte, can be found here.

How lenient are the online teaching companies when it comes to missed classes?

Most teaching companies understand that problems can occur. They are likely to remove the penally if it’s an isolated incident. If the same thing happens a few times, your pockets will start to feel a lot lighter.

Penalties are generally enforced automatically. Don’t just accept the penalty. Communicate with them and do your best to try to have the penalty removed because apart from the cost, they don’t look good on your record. and the last thing you want are future student bookings to become effected.

missed class - sorry

Do online teachers have be professional while working at home?

It’s easy to forget that online lessons are recorded and reviewed for quality purposes. Try to be as professional as you can, even if you enter without a student being in the room. Slouching, eating, plus more, are considered bad behaviour. Teachers are regularly monitored, so don’t get caught out.

Follow the guidelines when requesting leave

Most of the teaching platforms are very flexible on requesting leave, on most platforms you have to give more than 24 hours notice. If you give less notice or go over your holiday allowance, you will more than likely get fined.

Should I stop cancelling lessons last minute?

Most of the teaching platforms are very flexible on requesting leave, on most platforms you have to give more than 24 hours notice. If you give a few hours/minutes notice or go over your holiday allowance, you will more than likely get fined.

If you have regular students that rely on you being in classes together and you keep cancelling, it’s also likely that the student will find a new teacher.


Most Online teaching platforms are flexible and understanding. Should you need to cancel last minute due to personal or technical problems, remember communication is key. If you think you could be about to miss a class, resulting in a penalty; contact the lesson schedulers beforehand. If you can’t seem to get through to anyone take screenshots of the problem as evidence, and cross your fingers that you won’t get a penalty for missing a class.

Here are my suggested top two online teaching companies. Both Dada and iTutor provide excellent support should anything be stopping you from joining a class.

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