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Teach ESL Full Time – Work from Home

Why do people love to teach ESL online from home?

Flexibility and location independence plays a massive part on why people love teaching English as a Second Language. It’s teaching, without the daily commute, lesson planning and tidying up. It feels amazing when students learn new vocabulary, It’s not just because you taught them, it’s also because the students are learning, progressing and having fun!

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How sustainable is a full time ESL job?

You need job security when working full time at a company. Placing all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. To reduce the risk of not having work, registering with two online ESL teaching companies and scheduling them in situ, would be wise. iTutor and Dada work excellently together, adults could be taught with iTutor and children with Dada. Be careful though, double booking lessons will result in penalties.

Will I be teaching english online at 1am?

When teaching children, the lessons generally run between 5pm–9pm Beijing time which is 10am–2pm in the UK. If teaching adults, times can vary.

If you would like to work beyond these hours, you may also be able to find teaching opportunities online that cater to Russian, Japanese and European students. You could also look into starting up your own teaching or consultation practice.

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What type of people teach ESL?

People from every background are teaching online, from stay at home dads to people who are starting up a new business. The majority of online teachers are digital nomads and travellers who just want that extra bit of cash.

Isn’t remote working the future?

Remote working is certainly becoming more popular. Online teaching is still a relatively new industry. As time progresses I can imagine there will be more competition and incentives for more permanent teachers, maybe even more professional teachers who hold a PGCE instead of TEFL. If it’s what you want to do, it’s never been a better time to start as you can grow as the industry does.

Opportunities online are everywhere, Should you want to try your hand at some other industries, here are some side hustle to consider.


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