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Why is smiling important at work?

Smiling is important at work because no only does it make you feel good, it makes other people feel good as well.

Smiling and happiness can affect your job performance

At college, I got a job at a call centre selling windows. It wasn’t the more glamorous of jobs but it helped with the bills. If you weren’t smiling when answering the phone the boss would get you to stand up and smile.

Surly enough, people standing up smiling would end up with leads… Whether the smiling got people to sell windows or the wanting to sit back down, gave you the motivation to sell windows… Who knows. But it raises questions on why smiling is important.

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Whether people can see you smiling or not, Smiling when talking makes your sound happier and creates more confident tones within your voice. Try it now!

When I am happy and smiling, it effects my productivity in a good way as well. Positive emotions appear to give that extra boost to get more done. I strongly believe that smiling makes me a more creative and efficient worker.

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It’s easier to ask favours from people and colleagues, if you ask politely and smile. Remember to flash those shiny whites and pass along the good vibes. You are less likely to get rejected when smiling and laughing.. Unless you are laughing at them.

Developing working relationships, reduce stress and diffuse tension. Smiling can really help support people working together.

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Smiling is attractive

More people prefer working with happy and positive people than negative and grumpy people. Well, I do any way.

Smiling makes you appear more approachable. Interaction with others is easier and more enjoyable when smiles and laughs are shared. Smiling is contagious.

Randomly smile at someone and they will more than likely smile back. Smiling make other people feel great. Who wouldn’t like to be a more appealing and attractive person to be around?

Flirting is impossible without smiling. Smiling is an indicator that someone likes you.

Should I Smile during zoom meetings?

Yes, adding humour and smiling can go along way when working with people and speaking with potential clients over zoom, or any video call platform for that matter. Smiling can make you stand apart from everyone else. Smiling indicates you are confident and have the ability to cope well in stressful situations.

Communication is key when working remotely. You can be amazing at what you do, in-fact you may be the best in the industry. But, If you don’t smile, you may not be liked – resulting in not getting the job you want.

Selling yourself well, is half of the battle. This can be achieved by smiling. Albert Mehrabian was a professor of Psychology at the University of California. His research found that human communication accounts for “7% spoken words, 38% voice, and 55% body language.”

How to Smile and Laugh More Often

If you don’t think you smile enough, add these techniques into your day;

Smile and laugh more regularly

It’s unlikely that people will think your smile is fake, unless you’re too smiley (Like a HR manager I once worked with). Making a habit of smiling more often, will make you feel better and more comfortable with it. Eventually that fake smile will become more real to you, and you probably won’t realise your smiling.

Watch funny films, TV, and theatre shows

This is an excellent way to create those positive vibes. If you want to smile more, try to limit your negative program intake, such as the news.

Spend time with friends and family that make you feel happy

If you’re surrounding yourself with happy, fun, and optimistic people you will more than likely start to mimic their behavioural patterns.

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Find things to smile and laugh about

Focus, really look at the things that are funny and up-lifting. Focus on the present moment and you will be more aware, and ready to engage in a spontaneous giggle.

To help with mindfulness, I listening to mindfulness audiobooks while I work.

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